At home with Belle and Tasha

At NM, we're still in lockdown here in Melbourne and the last couple of months have been like navigating strange waters with choppy bits of turbulence here and there.


One of the main challenges has been our inability to photograph our beautiful new Resort collection due to lockdown restrictions so we leaned in to our network of creative women for help and support.


Meet our good friends Belle and Tasha. Tasha is a freelance photographer and Belle is studying ceramics but also happens to be a model! They are a dream couple and so perfect for this project. They live in South Yarra in a cute little Art Deco apartment, where they are surrounded by beautiful gardens and get lots of natural light. They recently celebrated their two-year anniversary together.


Belle and Tasha shot a curated selection of their favourite pieces from our Resort collection in their stunning home and we are so excited to share their images and an interview with them here.  



Jamie: Do you have any newfound favourite hobbies to do together since the start of lockdown? 

Tasha: There’s definitely been a few trends happening in quarantine hobbies, while we have not been making our own sourdough, we have like the rest of Melbourne bought out the gardening department in Bunnings. We have made a balcony herb garden which has been really satisfying to go and inspect every morning. Belle has also been doing some beautiful paintings and I bought a large format camera which I’ve been taking some macro shots of flowers. I think this time has really helped us slow down and appreciate the little things in life!


Jamie: What trait do you appreciate the most in the other person? 

Tasha: I really couldn’t pick a few! Belle is really the whole package, she is so kind and thoughtful, we are really lucky that we agree on pretty much everything so that definitely makes life easy!

Belle: There are so many traits I appreciate in Tasha but if I had to name a few I would say her caring nature and sense of humour, she makes me laugh a lot. 



Jamie: Currently Reading? 

Tasha: We recently bought a series of Taschen books on mid-century architecture which is a love of both of ours! Case Study Houses, Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra, Frank Lloyd Wright and Julius Schulman - modernism rediscovered. 

 Belle: I’m currently reading ‘The poetics of Space’ by Gaston Bachelard, it speaks on our personal and emotional response to architectural space something I have been exploring in my recent body of ceramic works.



Jamie: Currently listening to? 

Belle and Tasha: In our last haul at the record store we found a Miles Davis album - birth of the cool, which has been a nice easy listening album. Great while having a whiskey in front of the fire too!




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