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At Home With Olympia Christou


Hi Olympia! We’ve been seeing your face in fashion for some time now and you are completely mesmerizing. Having worked in the fashion industry for some time, I can honestly say that models are some of the hardest working people I’ve ever met! From what I’ve seen, it can be a grueling and challenging job. Tell us a little bit about the job and some of the challenges and things you love about it.

It’s definitely very hard work and often not as glamorous as it looks on the shiny exterior! Working on the road can take a lot out of you and can be hard to settle. While the last minute nature of the job is exciting, it’s hard to make plans around it. The experience of travelling all over the world for work is like no other so I’m always grateful for the opportunity. I get so much enjoyment out of meeting and working with new people.


Before Covid closed our international borders, you were living and working globally. Tell us a bit about that experience and how you’re finding being back home now.

Living in London was chaotic at times. The fast pace is addictive and loads of fun, but quite distracting. It’s nice being home, I have had time to work on creative endeavours.

Let’s talk about your new project on the side!

I’m working on an exciting label collaboration with Karla Laidlaw launching this summer. The collection is made with upcycled materials which we are both very passionate about sourcing. We both enjoy the challenge of finding new ways to work with existing textiles.




Your son, Diego the cat is divine. Tell us a bit about him - has he made the world’s longest lockdown easier to bear?

Divine and so naughty! He came up for adoption in my family and the same day he was at my door. Had no idea what I was signing up for, Bengals are secretly a dog trapped in a cat’s body, he loves fetch and has a taste for chewing shoes.. Hours and hours of entertainment.



Where are you currently drawing inspiration from? Who or what is inspiring you?

Fortunately for me my boyfriend has an enormous record collection so there’s always a new record on rotation. Love his collection of dub, reggae and garage

And lastly, what are your favourite Nelson Made pieces at the moment?

  I love the Maggie Marilyn collaboration. They are all so comfortable! 

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