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We want our pieces to be loved and cherished and in your wardrobe forever.

We are committed to crafting pieces that last well beyond their first season and stay on as treasured items in your collection. In order to lengthen the life of your NM pieces, here are some tips to help you care for them.

How to clean your shoes

The easiest way to keep your NM pieces looking their best, is to simply keep them clean. This will also make them last longer. Brush the leather with a damp cloth (not soaked) from time to time. 

If your shoes feel dry or dull apply a small amount of neutral polish on a cotton cloth and work it in to the leather in circular motions, 2 – 3 cm at a time, until the polish is fully absorbed. Slightly moisten the cloth with water and polish the shoe. Let them dry and then apply wax for extra shine and to strengthen the impregnation.

While salt stains not only look unpleasant they can also cause damage to your shoes. Salt stains can be reduced or removed completely by mixing water together with a few drops of lemon and applying with a cloth or sponge. After you shoes have dried, treat them with shoe polish or spray.

Use these cleaning tips to love your NM's and they will love you back for years to come.

How to re-sole your shoes

Care for the soles of your shoes and and you can add years to their longevity. Your NM soles can be easily replaced at your local leather goods repair store.

We recommend applying a Topy rubber sole to any leather soled NM pieces. This job can also be completed at your local leather goods repair store.

If you need advice on the best repair practitioner in your area, please get in touch

Protect your shoes

We are proud to use recycled, repurposed and vintage fabrics along with organic linen in our collections. We waterproof these pieces before sending them to you, however we suggest that you re-apply protector from time to time.

Most of our products are made from vegetable tanned leather, a material which is very sensitive to water. A damp cloth is fine, but never running water. If you are caught in a thunderstorm and your shoes get drenched, let them dry for a few days with a shoe block or a bunch of paper inside. This will help to keep the shoe in its original shape and condition.