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Materials Focus | Recycled Leather

At NM, our mission is to create luxurious products without causing unnecessary harm to people or the planet.  

For us, that means an innovative and uncompromising sourcing strategy, focusing on low impact materials that reduce waste and minimise damage to our natural environment.

Recycled Leather is just one of the low impact materials we use and we love it!

This sustainable solution has been developed to minimise waste. 


Recycled Leather 


Recycled leather is made from certified post-manufacture waste leather collected from tanneries and footwear factories. 

By diverting these waste materials from landfill they are able to be recycled into new material that can be used as a virgin leather replacement.

By using pre-existing leather, no new chemicals are used in the tanning process, and energy and water usage during production is heavily minimised.

Recycled leather can be recycled infinitely, too, which makes it circular.

Circularity is a crucial component of a new more sustainable fashion industry.

“Our recycled leather is a modern statement of what the future of fashion looks like. It offers the same luxuriously soft and breathable qualities as virgin leather without the environmental impact associated with leather production”  Jamie. 

Read more about our other low impact materials here.  Featured footwear styles below all use Recycled Leather.

Roma Slide Biscotti:

Roberta II Crema:

Maya Mule Crema:


Juli Recycled Thong:


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