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The Story of Today

The story of Today, our new line of evergreen essentials, crafted from regenerated and plant-based materials


All good ideas start with a fine grain of thought, like sand, that filters through your consciousness for months, even years, before it becomes a fully realised solution to an issue that plagues you. For Jamie, her pain point was the undeniable environmental impacts of the craft she loved.

Footwear contributes to a quarter of the worlds growing fashion landfill crisis. Some 24 billion pairs of shoes were produced in 2018 and only 5% were recycled. In addition, the impacts of leather production on the environment are well documented; including the effects of agriculture, water usage and the use of harmful chemicals in the leather tanning process.

Enter Today, our new line of evergreen essentials crafted from regenerated and plant-based materials.

At NM, we believe the future of footwear is plastic free and naturally circular. Today has been consciously designed to minimise the impacts of the traditional footwear industry and help us move towards a waste free, landfill free footwear system.



Today was born from 4 foundational design pillars: Safer Materials, Seasonless Design, The Perfect Fit and Affordability.

Safer Materials – Crafted from regenerated and plant-based materials

Seasonless Design – It won’t go out of fashion

The Perfect Fit – The comfiest shoes you’ve ever worn

Affordability – Accessible sustainability 


As we progress down the path of sustainability, we realise there is always more to learn, new ways to adapt and endless possibilities to evolve. As we work towards safer materials and processes for footwear production, we acknowledge there is no perfect solution. We see our journey towards sustainability as an open and honest conversation with our suppliers, retailers and most importantly you.

We hope you love Today as much as we do.

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