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Using Fashion To Create a Better World with Maggie Hewitt

In Conversation with Maggie Hewitt, Founder and Creative Director

of Maggie Marilyn, on using fashion to create a better world. 




Hi Maggie! We’ve been following along on your journey to create lasting and meaningful change in the fashion industry over the past few years. Tell us a little bit about how you and your team are using fashion to create a better world.

 Hi Jamie! I founded Maggie Marilyn with the vision of creating a better world so this truly stems into everything we do! From the product that is created with a transparent supply chain and a lighter footprint on the planet to our business that we changed in November last year - to an entirely direct to customer model. This was a values based decision that has resulted in a 73% reduction in carbon emissions (compared to the year prior when we operated under a primarily wholesale model).

One of the reasons we loved working with Maggie Marilyn on this range is that our businesses have a lot of the same values. Talk to us a little about the Maggie Marilyn core values?

 Of course! At Maggie Marilyn we operate under three pillars - people, planet and prosperity.

People relates to our suppliers - many of who are based here in New Zealand, however we  always make sure we choose suppliers who are experts in their field and are able to produce our product with the smallest environmental impact - and sometimes that means manufacturing offshore. All tiers of our supply chain sign a Supplier code of conduct which is a robust document that reflects our values.

Planet refers to the direct impact we have on our environment and we’re always working to reduce this in hope that one day we’ll have a regenerative impact.

And lastly, prosperity refers to the way we spread our message and how we can bring our community with us - our sustainability strategy for example, focuses on the next two years and the steps we will take as a business to meet and exceed global targets.

Let’s talk about the beautiful new capsule collection you’ve created for AAFW and some of the sustainable design and production processes you followed to bring this new collection to life?

 Absolutely! It was such a joy creating this collection as I truly envisioned friends and family coming together which is what we re-created with A Brave New World - our launch film, shot by the talented Duc Thinh Dong.

We used many deadstock fabrics which are repurposed fabrics - for example our Bridgeton Dress in Gold Gingham - this fabric truly comes alive in person, it sparkes.

The difference that happens behind the scenes is our production strategy. We aim for 100% sell-through. In order to achieve this, we buy to ensure every piece has a Forever home.

Tell us what you loved most about bringing this range to life together?

We loved partnering with so many Aussie locals! From the hair with Paloma and R+Co to Lauren Barge, our producer, we made new friends and partnered again with some of our good mates.

 Where are you currently drawing inspiration from? Who or what is inspiring you?

I am inspired by the warm summer days - it feels like they are just around the corner in New Zealand. I am a morning person so to see the mornings getting lighter is such an exciting time - good things are coming!

 And lastly, what are your favourite Nelson Made pieces at the moment?

I love the flats in bone that we designed together - I am all about comfort so can’t wait to wear them all summer long!



Shop the NM x Maggie Marilyn collab here. 

Photography | @danrobertsstudio

Styling | @emma_kalfus


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