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Nelson Made is built on a foundation of transparency, sustainability and ethical manufacturing.


Our production process reflects our purpose to protect the people who make our shoes.

Your NM's are handcrafted in our family-run partner factory in China, which is independently audited twice a year by Qualspec. Qualspec is one of the leading social certification standards for factories and organisations across the globe. This certification ensures compliance to standards regarding child labour, forced or compulsory labour, health and safely, freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining.

“We believe in treating all people on this planet with respect and dignity and are committed to ensuring the working conditions in our supply chain are fair and safe”  Jamie


At NM we do things differently. We challenge the consumerism of fast fashion and redefine value, handcrafting our shoes in small quantities in a slow and respectful way. We create special pieces to be cherished and in your wardrobe forever, made with minimised impacts and part of a new, more sustainable future of fashion.

We are proud of the progress we've made on our path to sustainability:

• We use low impact materials including recycled and chrome free leathers. Read on to learn more about our materials

• Our orders are shipped with carbon neutral shipping via Sendle and the DHL GoGreen Carbon Neutral service

• We use 100% biodegradable and compostable shipping satchels made made from quarry waste and non-toxic recycled resin from the Better Packaging Co

• Our customer facing packaging is made from 100% certified recycled and compostable paper products

From the inception of our shoes through to delivery at your door, our processes reflect our purpose to protect the natural environment.



We believe designing beautiful footwear and minimising our impact are symbiotic.

Our design philosophy is one of conscious creation. Our approach to each collection is to strive to deliver luxurious products without causing unnecessary harm. Inch by inch and seam by seam, we consider the most environmentally conscious options that will support the production of our collections and stand the test of time so you can cherish your NM pieces forever.

As we progress down this path to sustainability, we realise there is always more to learn, new ways to adapt and endless possibilities to evolve. We see our journey toward sustainability as an open and honest conversation with our suppliers, retailers, and most importantly, you.


Our mission is to prove that it is possible to create luxurious products without causing unnecessary harm.

Footwear needs to be extremely durable, so the materials traditionally used have huge environmental impacts. We source high quality materials that are kind to both people and the planet. 

Our low impact materials include:

• Recycled leather
• Chrome free leather
• Leather Working Group (LWG) certified leather 
• Organic linen
• OEKO TEX-certified fabrics
• Deadstock fabrics